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by Marta Galán López, 22 April, 2019


Disclaimer and conditions of use 

Details of the service provider

Ownership of the web: The web site www.eufitra.com is owned by Marta Galán López, holder of the NIF 25722325E who shall be considered as the service provider pursuant to the dispositions set forth in Act 34/2002 dated July 11th on the Governing Services on Information Society and E-commerce.

Qualification as a certified translator-interpreter of the service provider: Marta Galán López holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting from the Universidad Europea de Madrid (España) and is a practicing certified translator and interpreter member of the Spanish Association of Certified Translators and Interpreters and the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters. Marta Galán López was appointed as a certified translator and interpreter by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs being thus included in the list provided by the aforementioned Ministry that you may check by clicking here.

Governing regulation for the profesional practice and qualification as a certified translator and interpreter in Spain: The regulation governing the profession of translator-interpreter in Spain is mainly the Additional disposition sixteenth of Act 2/2014 dated March 25th on the Foreign Action and Service of the State and the Royal Decree 2555/1977 dated August, 27th by virtue of which it is approved the Regulation on the Department of Language Interpreting Services part of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Professional Association of Certified Translators and Interpreters provides a deontological code that may be checked here.

Should you need further information about the professional practice and qualification as a certified translation and interpreter, please, click here.

Communication of the users with the services provider: address, e-mail and telephone numbers: Marta Galán López tiene oficina abierta en Alhaurín de la Torre (Málaga), en calle Antonio Molina, 10, Urb. Peralta, Alhaurin de la Torre, CP 29130. 

The web users may address their communications to the aforementioned address or to the following e-mail address: info@eufitra.com

Conditions of use of the web

General conditions: The service provider, Marta Galán López and the users of the web site www.eufitra.com shall use the web site pursuant to the Spanish legislation in force, the conditions specified herein and those that may be established specifically for the provision of certain services. The use of the web site shall always comply with the principle of goof faith. 

Surfing the web implies the condition of user and presuppose the knowledge and acceptance of these conditions. In the event that the user may not agree with them, then he or she shall stop surfing the web.

The validity of these conditions of use is limited to every time the user connects to the web site. In the intervals between connections, the user shall have it into account and checking carefully this disclaimer every time he or she accesses to the web site.

Responsibility on the content: The information included in the texts part of the web site www.eufitra.com are general and are intended for informative purposes.


Intelectual property of the content: The texts included in the web site www.eufitra.com are part of the intellectual property of Marta Galán López.

The logotype and trade mark Eufitra is part of the industrial property of Marta Galán López. It is hereby forbidden the non-authorized use of the said logotype and trade mark.

Responsibility on the links.  

The links to which can be accessed from the web site are managed by third parties and Marta Galán López has no intervention in the production of the content of such web sites.

Even though it has been checked that the links included in the texts produces by Marta Galán López addresses to lawful information pursuant to the nature of the web site, it is not possible to ensure at all times that the holders of the web site to which can be accessed from this web site may keep the information initially linked. 

Accordingly, Marta Galán López cannot be rendered responsible for the information to which the links addresses to or for the links appearing in the web site.

I kindly ask you to report any mistake that you may notice by addressing to the e-mail address: info@eufitra.com. 

Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

The Spanish legislation shall govern this web site. In the event there is any controversy arisen from the use of this web site the parties involved shall address to the Courts of Malaga.