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Official/Certified translations

Official Translations

An official or certified translation of a document is a translation which is a public document considered valid before the Administration and Courts. Translations and interpreting services from a foreign language into Spanish and vice versa will only be considered valid if they have been done by an official Translator-Interpreter authorized by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation pursuant to the Sixteenth Additional Disposition of the Act 2/2014 dated 25th March. Official Translators-Interpreters are entitled to certify the faithfulness of their work by signing and sealing the document, including the certification stated by the Ministry for such purpose. The certification, signature and seals included by the official translator give the translated document the same legal validity as the original document.


Eufitra provides services of official translations of English, French, German and Arabic from and into Spanish.


Several types of documents may require official translation, such as the paperwork needed to register with a university or professional college abroad, or any document required for legal, business, administrative and registration purposes. The following are some of the documents that may need to be officially translated:


Professional and academic formalities Administrative, business, company and legal formalities
University degrees Proof of being alive and marital status
Professional and academic certificates Statements at Police Stations and Courts of Justice
Recognition of academic and professional qualification Affidavit
Personal academic records Title deeds
Academic and professional reports Proof of identification
Employment history records Birth certificates
Medical reports Death certificates
Insurance reports Wills and Probate certificates
Certificate of professional registration Court decisions
Certificate of criminal records Police reports
Psychological reports Insurance company reports and policies
Company documentation
Balance sheets
Appointment of directors
Financial reports
Bank certificates
Annual accounts
Deeds of incorporation
Certificate of no-impediment to marry
General Registry documentation



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